My Coastal Craft Room

Quick-Quick.... Easy-Easy.
That's our motto.
There is SO much we want to do,
so everything we do
has to be quick, easy,
and budget-friendly.

Let's talk about
living creatively
with quick projects (and tips)
that make memories
for your friends and family!

If you're CRAFTY,
you'll love this blog
for new ideas,
and you may want to share
some of your own. 
If you're NOT crafty,
here's where you can learn!

This blog is managed by two ultra-creative sisters, one designer and one artist.  We live a full, busy life (like all of you do).  We have too much work, just enough children, not enough spa vacations alone with husband, and a desperate need for an artistic outlet.  Besides that, we've been badgered for years by friends, family, and strangers, wanting to buy our artwork and furniture.
So, we started
Tayloe & Holmes,
purely to feed our creative souls.
LEARN a lot of our tricks & secrets on this blog!
...and check out
Tayloe & Holmes at

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