Do you have a young child in your life?  If they have a play kitchen, they would love some play food....and they may not have had this kind before:  real food containers, emptied, cleaned, and (maybe) glued shut. 

Isn't this beautiful?  Our brother, Jack took this shot last week while he was here visiting.  We didn't get to see him enough while he was here....but that's the way it always is with our 3 older brothers...we never get to see them enough!  (Jack lives 4.5 hours away from us, Jeff lives 2 hours away, and Jordan lives 12 hours away. Sniff, sniff.)  Don't you think they should all move here to Wilmington?
I love built-in ribbon bookmarks.  I think my Bible is the only book I have that has one. (It has two ribbons!)  I use them constantly.

You can add them yourself, to any hardbound book!  So fun.  This is one of those easy projects that give you quick satisfaction.

I belong to a small bible study group, and we had a discussion one day about prayer journals.  While shopping a few days later, I came across these cute blank books for $1 each at Michael's.