Don't you love a church potluck lunch?  We had one today at church....Sigh, it was many yummy dishes....

I was reminded of the time I had to attend one at a church in another town.  How to cook for a potluck from a hotel room??  I decided to take 2 large with meatballs, and one with tortellini.   I seemed to remember a distinct lack of meat or main dishes at my last I decided to focus on 2 main dishes.
I took a cooler on the trip, with frozen tortellini and frozen meatballs.  I took jars of sauces to go with it.  The Tortellini only required jarred marinara sauce (I like Classico 4-Cheese) and the meatballs---well, there are many easy meatball sauce versions. 

At any rate, I got up early Sunday morning and threw all the ingredients in the crockpots, and started them cooking.  We took them to the church and plugged them in during the service.  For the Tortellini, you just put shredded cheese on top, right before serving, and put the lid back on.  It melts in minutes. 

As I suspected, there was a VERY distinct lack of main dishes at this potluck, so every drop of my two big crockpots was emptied.  The only utensils I had to take on the trip were a large spoon and a can opener.  It was super-easy to make in a hotel room, which didn't even have a kitchenette. 

An interesting thing about the one I attended today:  a close friend came over and said, "HIT the dessert table, NOW!  Trust me, you better listen!  It will all be gone!"  

We are new to this church, and I certainly didn't want to run to the dessert table, tripping elderly women as I went.  So I politely waited til I'd finished eating.  WOW, she wasn't kidding!  Crumbs, crumbs, and empty platters everywhere!

Maybe next time I'll just make a bunch of desserts.

What do YOU like to take to a potluck? 

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