I found this picture in my files.  I put a bunch of candles on each side of my front door, for a Spa Party.  It was January, and there were dead flowers in that pot (eeek), so I cleaned them out and set the terra cotta saucer on top of the dirt, plus glass marbles and a big 3-wick candle.

The Spa Party was in the morning, so the candles were mostly for looks... but a day or two later, my husband was returning from a trip, so I lit all the candles on the front porch to welcome him home. 

His brother was with him, and made a rather suggestive comment about what those candles meant... but really! I was just trying to be festive!

This was about 10 years ago...and we're in a different house now...but I'm going to copy the idea again.  What a great way to welcome hubby home these days, when darkness falls so early!
7/5/2013 08:24:00 pm

As I can see there are very beautiful candles and also can be a beautiful decoration.


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