My husband asked me to make brownie trays for a client.  He told me to call Lori, one of his office managers.  "Lori's brownie trays are awesome.  She puts that white powdery stuff on the brownies, and has lots of strawberries." 

I wasn't exactly following the idea of strawberries with the brownies, so I emailed Lori for instructions.  She sent me the following picture:

How beautiful !! Lori advised me to buy silver trays at Dollar Tree (fab idea!) and she bought a wide roll of plastic wrap from a restaurant.  My version is shown at the top.  I spent $5 or $6 on a plastic tray from a party store, vs. the $1 silver tray of hers, which is prettier and way cheaper!   I also used a gold doily, and her white one looks much better with brownies on a black platter.

Dontcha think just about anything, even an old leather shoe, would look cute on a doily sprinkled with powdered sugar?

I can't bring myself to just put brownies on a platter anymore.  Now they all have to be on white doilies, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and garnished with berries.

I took one to church this morning, and found it interesting that all the strawberries were gone....even before the brownies. 

Oh, and some of my friends and I agree that Betty Crocker Triple Chunk Brownie mix is awfully hard to beat. 

Do you have any great ideas for garnishing food platters?

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