I love this thing.  "The Dispenser."  See www.dispenser.com.  They have a big variety of cool items like this, in all price ranges. 
I realized recently that it has paid for itself, because it doesn't waste shampoo.  Most shampoo bottles have a fairly large hole---they want you to use as much as possible, so you'll buy more.  The Dispenser dispenses a smaller amount than I would pour out, so it saves money and product. You never get a moldy bottle, you don't have bottles falling all over in your shower, and you never have to bang the bottle, rinse it, or store it upside down when it gets low. 

It's very easy to hang (no screws, just silicon glue) and I've used many of these--not one has ever come off or fallen.  But you can remove and re-use them, if you move.  I've been using these for 8 years, and all still work.  I've put them in all my bathrooms.  They can hold body wash, conditioner, shampoo, face soap, whatever.

I've bought these at Walmart and Bed, Bath & Beyond, but look at their website first.  So many cool choices.   I have the basic model, shown above.

While we're on this subject, I have to mention---did you know you should be washing your face with a facial cleanser that has salicylic acid in it?  I read this in one of those beauty-product articles.  It said the salicylic acid dissolves oil better than just regular cleanser.  I saw a BIG difference in my skin after switching to this.  (I'd always just chosen facial cleansers that were pretty, interesting, or smelled nice.)  No more gunked-up pores if you use the salicylic acid cleansers.  Clearasil and Neutrogena make a version, and I'm sure many others do.

So look at The Dispenser.  Nice little Christmas gift for someone, maybe.  They are especially cool for an RV or boat bathroom, or an outdoor shower (common down here at the beach).  Fill one hole with body wash, and you don't need a bar of soap.

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